We are the 5 Percent'ers

The5%ers Trading Fund (The-Five-Percenters) is a private proprietary trading firm active in Forex speculation investments. The fund was established by two former FX traders with a clear mission for creating an open career building platform for forex traders across the world.


The5%ers Trading fund is not a broker. We do not provide retail trading accounts off the counter. Trading with us is a privilege given to who is mastering the skill of trading. Trading for The5%ers Trading Fund offers outstanding advantages; A fully funded account, Zero risks and cost less trading program, and un-compatible growth scheme.

The5%ers Trading fund is not an investors boutique shop. We do not accept any investors money. The fund owns sufficient self-sources of investment capital. We only invest from our own available capital, this way we can assure our traders stable capital resources for their trading activity and growth.

The5%ers Trading Fund is a house of traders, created by traders. We know how to support and motivate traders to excellence. By these insights, we had designed the ultimate trading career program, tailored for the top 5% traders.
The5%ers Trading Fund is a trade mark registered brand name owned by The Five Percenters LLP, Incorporated in The United Kingdom No.OC418408. Registered Office 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX . Main Operation Office POB 494, Bazra 6094400, Israel.
© 2017 The5%ers Trading Fund. All rights reserved.

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