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Trading Environment

What trading platform is used?
We supply Metatrader 4 by Metaquotes. MT4 is the most popular trading platform provided by the majority of Forex brokers all over the world. Choosing MT4 was our natural platform to trade with, as we want to provide the most familiar trading environment to our traders.
Can I use my own indicators and Experts Advisers?
Do you supply a trading platform for mobile devices?
Who Are The Brokers You Trade With?
Who should I contact for technical & trading conditions support?
What type of execution method do you use?
Who is the legal owner of the trading account I am trading?

Trading Guidlines

In general, what are The5%ers trading objectives?
Our trading guidelines are proportionally similar for any account size, evaluation or a portfolio manager account. The fund mostly cares for risk-management, which is measured by Drawdown < 4%, the presence of a hard stoploss for every single position at < 1.5% value of the account balance, and maximum open positions exposure < 5:1.
How do we measure drawdown
How do we measure maximum exposure for open positions?
Can I hold trades overnight?
How to request a profits withdrawal?

Evaluation Programs

Why do we require minimum positions and days to be traded
The purpose of the evaluation phase is to observe how a trader handles various of market's conditions and still show stable performance. We want to assure your trading is solid, robust and mature to face a full range of the market's fierce mental challenges.
What if I hit the profit target with less days or/and trades required?
Can I ask the to extend the evaluation time period?
Why there is a fee to be evaluated?
What do you get for the evaluation fee?

About The Fund

Where is The5%ers registerd? is a website legally owned by The Five Percenters LLP, incorporated in the United Kingdom, Incorporation No. OC418408.
Is The5ers regulated?
Which nationalities can trade for The5%ers Trading Fund?
Does The5%ers accept US Traders?
Do I need a license to trade for The5%ers?
Is The5ers a scam?
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