The supply at the top and the demand below, are both Quasimodo levels,

Which mean both of them are great for position, I'll sell at the supply at the 

Top, and buy at the demand below, at the moment it seems the price is on his 

Way to visit first the demand below, the supply above (middle of the chart),

is also a great level for sell position, therefore I'll sell at the supply above, and the price 

Will break this level, I'll sell again at the top.


After the recent uptrend on the S&P 500, I prefer to wait for reversal.

If the price will break the confirmation zone, it indicates that the price 

 tends to reach the demand below, and maybe the one at the bottom.

therefore if the price will break the confirmation zone, i'll look for P"A 

Setup to sell, my first target will be the demand below, and the final target

will be the demand at the bottom.


The new fresh demand below us that created yesterday at EURCAD,

Is a great Quasimodo level, this level change the recent downtrend from

Bearish to bullish, and it seems the price tends to reach the supply above,

Therefore if the price will retrace to the demand below I'll buy there,

My target will be the supply above, which is also a great supply for sell.

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